Deborah Murtagh’s Proven 21 Day System

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I discovered the secret to everlasting weight loss through my PERSONAL transformation and helping thousands of Women's lives in over 48 countries around the world

  • My Name Is Deborah Murtagh

  • I'm on a mission to help improve women's lives through mastering weight loss and holistic health.

  • I am an international weight loss coach, avid writer and researcher and founder of the several best selling weight loss programs with thousands of clients in over 48 countries.

  • I am also the founder of Whole Food Secrets nutrition and cookery school and is a member of the Guild of Food Writers. 

  • My work has been published in multiple magazines and I have also authored over 15 e-books.

Our bodies need FUEL to function and for most of us, that fuel is sugar or glucose.

The food we eat food is converted to glucose inside our body and that fuels each cell to keep

 our body working.

BUT...there are a few issues with fuelling your body this way though.

  •    When you need more fuel, a cocktail of chemicals in your body screams at you to EAT NOW, causing extreme

       hunger, rash food  decisions, overeating and a fixation on where and when you can next eat. 

  •    If you don’t eat enough, your body will quickly remind you to eat more, but if you eat too much, it just  

       wraps up the excess into a fat cell and weight gain occurs

  •    Glucose requires insulin, which takes it out of the bloodstream and helps transport it to the cells. Insulin 

       has some positive benefits, but too much of it has many negative side effects. For example, insulin resistance 

       and metabolic disease which can lead to prediabetes, type 2 diabetes and a host of other serious health problems 

       like strokes, some cancers and the leading cause of death globally heart disease. And So Much More... 

  •    Because you are running on glucose, you often crave sugar (especially around 3pm when your energy slumps) 

       and the side effects of too much sugar is well known and has been linked to weight gain, tooth decay, acne, depression 

       increased risk of disease, cellular aging, skin aging, lack of energy and fatty liver disease. 

    But that is NOT the only fuel source available to us - we have the                 natural ability to make a Metabolic Switch and run on an
             alternative energy source that has PROFOUND results!

    So What's The Solution?


    The Metabolic Switch

    By eliminating most sugars, starches and ultra-processed carbohydrates from your diet, there is no longer enough glucose to provide the energy we need,so our body makes a  METABOLIC SWITCH and we run on FAT!

      Here's What You Get...

      An easy to follow quickstart guide of exactly how to navigate the program,
      The Metabolic Switch 21 day ebook with a delicious food plan and meal planner and your diet tracker.
      *FREE BONUS* Deborah's ketoform cook and video recipes

      What To Expect When You Sign Up

      The Metabolic Switch is designed to be a 21 day program and is broken down into 3 phases.

      Here is what to expect over the next 21 days.


      Week 1: The Metabolic Switch

      This is when the metabolic shift occurs, you will experience the bodies amazing ability to fuel each cell via ketone bodies taken from stored and dietary fat. 

      The benefits of this metabolic shift are incredible

      from reduced risk of disease and decreasing or reversing symptoms of chronic illness, to weight loss, more energy and mental clarity and improved sleep.


      Week 2: Fat Release

      This is when your body burns through fat - old stored fat that can sit near vital organs and lead to disease, as well as fat around thighs, stomach, waist and other ‘problem’ areas. 


      This is when you may be shocked to realise that you feel like you have been freed of the burden of unsatisfied hunger and living from meal to meal. Food tastes different, healthy food tastes delicious and the scales are heading



      Week 3: The Butterfly Phase

      In this week the weight loss continues, but what is just as important are the changes in your body composition as inches fall away, your measurements change, old clothes suddenly fit and existing clothes now feel baggy and loose. 



      Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, people start to notice your new body, your skin and eyes are clear, your weight has dropped and there is a confidence in your step

      that is hard to miss.

      Plus You'll Also Get This Amazing FREE Bonus

      FREE BONUS: The 'Ketoform' cookbook + 21 Video Recipes 

      Over 70 nutritional recipes to support your weight loss journey, and brain function compiled into a beautifully designed ebook. You'll also get access to 21 video recipes from my Whole Food Secrets Cook school.

      Real Results From Our Members

      No Contract. No Hidden Fees. No Long Term Commitments. Just One Single Payment.

      100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

      I'm willing to let you try out the program 100% risk-FREE! for 30 days.

      If you follow the steps and following the program and you still don't see results and If you aren't satisfied, contact me by email within 30 days and I will refund you 100%!

      Click here for full details.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Is there any long term commitment or contracts?

        There are no hidden fees or contracts. It's just one simple payment for the entire program.

      •  Do I have to buy a bunch of supplements after I get your program?

        Nope. If you currently spend money on groceries or going out to eat, it won't cost you anything more than what your paying now. 

      •  Will this work for vegetarians and vegans?

        Yes. This works well for vegetarians and vegans with just a few simple variations which are covered in the food plan including some sample meal plans and recipes designed specifically for vegetarians and vegans.

      •   Can I exercise or start exercising on the program?

        If you are already fit and used to regular exercise, you can continue at the same level, but again be aware that you may experience a brief reduction in stamina until you become fat adapted , which can take up to a month. Vigorous exercise causes inflammation and water retention in the body, so it can have an effect on your weight loss.

      •  I'm gluten free, will this work for me?

        All of the recipes are gluten free, and on the ones that aren't the alternative is labeled on the grocery list.

      •  Do I have to give up alcohol?

        Not at all! You'll have to cut down up a bit but the occasional glass of wine if perfectly okay.. 

      Are You Ready To Transform Your
      Body In The Next 21 Days?

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      Only One Payment of $37 USD

      Deborah Murtagh

      Leading Women's Holistic 

      Wellness & Weight Loss Coach

      P.S You when you sign up today you'll only be charged just one small payment of $37...PLUS I'm also giving you a 'free bonus' ketofrom cookbook and video recipe library with this offer and that's because I am just giving you every thing you need up front. I really want you to succeed and transform you body and health in the next 21 days.

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